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EFQM Excellence Model

The EFQM Excellence Model (European Foundation for Quality Management) is the most widely used continuous improvement tool in the world. It can be used by any organisation regardless of size or sector.

The model allows organisation to evaluate their current performance to identify strengths and areas they would like to improve. It provides an overarching framework to guide continuous improvement projects or large transformation programmes and ensure they deliver tangible results.

Through national partners such as BQF it can also be used to achieve external quality recognition, as part of the Levels of Excellence programme.

Achieving external recognition demonstrates your commitment to quality which can improve your competitive advantage in the market place.

The Elements of the Model

The EFQM Excellence Model allows people to understand the cause and effect relationships between what their organisation does and the Results it achieves. The Model comprises of a set of three integrated components:

Fundamental Concepts

The Fundamental Concepts define the underlying principles that form the foundation for achieving sustainable excellence in any organisation. They can be used as the basis to describe the attributes of an excellent organisational culture. They also serve as a common language for top management.

There are 8 Fundamentals Concepts


The Criteria allows people to understand the cause and effect relationships between what their organisation does and the results it achieves. To achieve sustained success, an organisation needs strong leadership and clear strategic direction.

They need to develop and improve their people, partnerships and processes to deliver value-adding products and services to their customers. If the right approaches are effectively implemented, they will achieve the results they, and their stakeholders, expect.


RADAR is a simple but powerful tool for driving systematic improvement in all areas of the organisation.

How can we can support you?

We are a National Partner of the EFQM in England and Wales; which means we are the experts in the application of the Excellence model.

Our team is highly experienced at advising organisations in using the model.  We provide training, consultancy and recognition services to support you to use the Excellence Model to improve your business.

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