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Excellence Journey for Individuals

Developing your Understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model

If you are looking at developing your personal skills and experience around the EFQM Excellence Model, or if you want to develop internal expertise and capability in your organisation, the opportunities shown below will meet your needs.

Training Courses and Workshops

EFQM Assessor Training

This official EFQM two day course is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of the structure of the EFQM Excellence Model and the stages involved in conducting an assessment. As a National Partner of the EFQM, BQF is the only organisation licensed to deliver this course in England and Wales. It is suitable for anyone who is looking for detailed knowledge of the Model or who will be involved in conducting assessments based on the Model.

Qualified Assessor Training

This official advanced EFQM qualification is designed for individuals who wish to develop their personal competence as an external assessor.

(It is a pre-requisite that participants successfully complete EAT and have some experience of assessment. Please contact us to see if you meet the criteria.)

How to use the EFQM Excellence Model
- an introductory workshop

Introduction to the EFQM Excellence Model and advice on how to take the next step on your excellence journey.

Other Opportunities

Bespoke Training, Advice and Consultancy Support

Our experienced trainers and consultants can tailor a package of support to meet your specific requirements. For further information or a proposal, please contact Gail Tutcher or Diane Dibley on 020 7654 5000 or [email protected]

Assessor Community – Directory

People who have been accredited as EFQM Assessors, EFQM Master Assessors and Qualified EFQM Assessors have shown that they’re equipped to the highest standards to assess an organisation’s performance. See our directory of: