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2016 Membership Survey Report

In 2016 we asked our members  to complete a survey and give them an opportunity to tell us what they thought about membership, events, products and services.  The subsequent feedback enables us to make improvements, stay relevant and provide continued value.

The report provides an overview of results and findings from the survey.

Overall, satisfaction with BQF membership is ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’ and 94% of respondents would recommend BQF Membership.

Download the report today and see how membership, events, products and services are supporting their continuous improvement journeys.


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Who can join?

We welcome membership from all organisations committed to excellence and business improvement – regardless of size or sector.

Why BQF?

BQF offers a suite of executive education, consultancy, certification and accreditation, and recognition services. This enables your organisation to achieve and sustainably improve performance. We provide opportunities to be more agile and face the need for change, and enhance your global reputation for excellence.

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We tailor our products and services to meet your needs

  • Bespoke consultancy, education, training and support at competitive prices.
  • We can support all organisations regardless of size or sector.
  • We can help your organisation build performance improvement into your business planning process.
  • We provide account management to help tailor relevant services to meet your needs.

We support your organisation throughout your excellence journey

  • We have the capability to support all stages and needs of your journey.
  • We can support you on an ongoing basis or for specific requirements.
  • We offer consultancy, executive education and recognition.

We offer recognition and accreditation opportunities

  • We are EFQM’s UK primary partner providing excellence recognition and assessments.
  • We offer three national awards schemes recognising leading UK organisations.
  • We offer organisation, individual and project level accreditations for Excellence, Lean Six Sigma and Change Management.

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